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Okay, so I have been told I can be mean when critiquing. Please know I do not mean to be so if I come across that way. I really like the photo! It is great! So nothing said is to hurt feelings or belittle. I am not a great photographer or cosplayer, so I am just going by what others have told me or things I have observed. :) Onto the actual critique!

I really like the angle of the shot, it makes it look more natural. And the shot itself is just wonderful! I love the expression on the cosplayer's face, and the way the background goes so well with the character. The way the cosplayer is leaning makes it look spontaneous and very natural, much like how Inuyasha actually stands! I am in love with the fly away and slightly messy n=bits of the wig, they make it look more like he just stopped when this was snapped and not posed. And the costume itself is absolutely stunning, I love the sleeves, It is a perfect replica!

Most of my critique is in make up, the only flaw I can see. You may want to go a little lighter on eyeliner, since it makes you look more feminine. A thinner line in a lighter color will bring out your eyes just as well I've noticed. A bit of paling on the lips and a highlight on the jawline and brow line may help with the male look as well, though I've never tried it with a rounder faced character like Inuyasha. The ears seem a little low to me, maybe they could be an inch or so higher up. Also seeing his claws would have really put this over the top. They can easily be made from fake nails shaped with a dremmel or file. The only other flaw is the wrinkles in the cosplay, they distract me from the great image you captured, but that may be just a me thing.

Overall a 9.8/10!!! Love it!
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